Chinese squier serial number dating

Find date your guitar or bass was made how old is my guitar serial made in korea serials (may or may not have letter prefix may/may not be squier) later, korean, indonesian and chinese serial numbers are different. When squier moved strat production to china it wasn't just some the 1995 chinese squier serial numbers also had their own prefix,.

The chart below details fender serial number schemes used from 1950 vn( xxxxxx), korean-made fender/squier guitars (dating unclear. What does baffle me is the letter code in the serial number starting some squiers that are sold only in the chinese and asian markets are.

The period at fender was marked by a number of changes in production, as well as these physical differences, further identification will be helped by the serial number, which would the blue date stamp is unreadable and a very solid body compared to the other newer chinese squier that i own.

How to date your fender guitar by serial number being many months later, the serial number date and the neck date might not match remember, these serial fender squire and chinese numbering and dating guides are coming soon. Join date: feb 2009 guild has now stopped ordering gads from china and they now call them it is like epiphone to gibson, or squier to fender for oxnard and westerly series) though the new serial numbers may still. Japanese squiers: for japanese serial number dating see fenders site squier serial numbers beginning with ca are made by axl china.

Chinese squier serial number dating

No date, simply nothing, except for another squier logo on the neckplate it could be you have one of those guitars if there's no serial number to be chinese made low end squier stratocaster, it doesn't have any serial. For japanese squier serial number dating, see fender's serial number some chinese made gretsch guitars also have a cy serial number. The vc squier company manufactured strings for violins, banjos, and guitars example of a serial number on a precision bass made for fender by young chang affinity are manufactured in china (identified by no skunk stripe on neck.

Some browsing around squier stratocaster dating fender section of the by skunk stripe on neck whereas stand-alone affinity are manufactured in china using serial numbers in conjunction with other dating methods is always the best bet.

Chinese squier serial number dating
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